With A Cherry On Top

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0414-cherry-blossom-thumbnail-250x280This year’s cherry blossoms announced the arrival of spring at the Garden in great bursts of white and pink. When a light breeze picks up the petals in a candy-colored flurry, you are reminded of the winter blizzards that are thankfully behind us.

Several beautiful varieties are scattered throughout the Ross Conifer Arboretum, with elegant weeping cherries framing the Haupt Conservatory. The best cherry blossom walk on grounds, though, is definitely Cherry Valley, just past the Thain Family Forest on the path to the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. There the billowing trees surround you in a celebration of spring’s arrival. Click through and brighten up your day with a peek at the Garden’s cherry trees at the height of their flowering season!

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Thanks to the delayed blooming season, our beloved cherries are joined in bloom by the magnolias in an unprecedented display. But spring is fleeting, and so are flowers, so hurry up to the Garden while they are still at their peak! This weekend is the perfect time to admire the blossoms with some refreshments at Wine in the Native Plant Garden, part of our Spring Festival Series.

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