TPPC: Week One Winners!

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And off we go! Last Friday marked the close of the first week of competition for our Tropical Paradise photography contest, and our early submissions are already looking fantastic. (Though with the roller-coaster of icy weather we’ve been having lately, it’s no surprise our shutterbugs are happily holing up in the summer warmth of the Conservatory.) For those of you who haven’t already made it out to our glasshouse for some shooting, don’t worry—there’s still the better part of five weeks left (’til February 28) to take part.

Still, I wouldn’t wait too long. Submitting new photos during each week’s judging period can only better your chances to win our grand prize: a free Adult Education class of your choice. And because we have two categories of submission—macro and sense-of-place (close-up and wide angle, respectively)—you’re welcome to play to your photographic strengths. For anyone not sure about rules, schedules, or submission guidelines, check out our contest page.

But that’s enough of recaps. Let’s get down to the winners and runners-up for this first week of competition. We’ve got some familiar faces among the early birds this year, and they’re often the ones to beat.


First Place (and moving on to the finals): “Spike” by KaDeWeGirl

First Runner-Up: Untitled by yinyl chen

Second Runner-Up: “The Star of the Pond” by gomosh2

Sense of Place

First Place (and moving on to the finals): Untitled by Enrie M.

First Runner-Up: “Leafy Path” by KaDeWeGirl

Second Runner-Up: Untitled by Enrie M.

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