The Glimmer After Janus

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Okay, so practically speaking, winter storm Janus and its aftermath have been sort of troublesome for most northeasterners. If you own a car, you likely spent Wednesday morning hewing it out from beneath a glacier of stubborn ice. For those of you who didn’t have to worry about that particular hassle, transit delays and luge-like sidewalks more than made up the difference. But, that said, there are some upsides to a blizzard! There’s still the fresh-powdered majesty to enjoy—given the right location. For anyone who has not yet made the short trip to the NYBG since the city returned to business as usual, you’re missing out on quite the sight!

Despite the whirling flakes painting the landscape throughout Monday and into the night, our staff photographer, Ivo Vermeulen, was more than happy to bundle up and brave the storm for some snapshots of the changing Garden. The sheer density of the falling snow created something of a foggy effect, as you’ll see in the gallery below, but the result is fantastical! Check out some of what Ivo captured in the moment.

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Today, the sun is back in brilliant form and making everything glimmer in white. And if you spend some time walking the Forest trails, you’ll find the sort of solitude so rarely offered in a city this big. Just the crunch of snow underfoot and birds flitting about their treetop business. The conifer collections are another can’t-miss opportunity after such heavy snowfall. And if you need a break from the winter temperatures, you can always retreat to the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, where Tropical Paradise continues into February with all the warmth and florid color that its name implies. Winter has its upsides, but they won’t last forever, so remember to layer up and get outside while the opportunity presents itself!

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