Do You Know Your ‘Weeds?’ Take the Challenge & Win a Prize

We go through a debate every few weeks at our house until my wife overrules my daughter and forces me to mow the lawn, including the areas we endeavor to keep “nice” and the outlying areas where I like to call it “naturalized.” To my daughter all the non-grass plants that pop up are more flowers for her bouquets. Eventually, for my wife (and me), the weeds become a bit too much of a symbol of our independence — given that we rent a house in suburbia and like to at least try to (somewhat) fit in.

So last Saturday, with my sad daughter in tow, we set out to photograph and identify all the flowers that volunteered to make our organic yard beautiful — before I trimmed them away with my electric rotary mower. And we decided to make a contest out of it, for her and you.

Do you know your lawn weeds? At least the ones in the Northeast? Well, if so, take a look at these photos. Everyone who identifies all six weeds correctly will be entered to win a free T-shirt that states: “Kiss My Grass: It’s Organic.” And everyone who gets all six answers correct will receive copies of our award-winning instructional DVD titled “Making the Organic Lawn Care Transition.”

Just send your answers to by next Monday, Aug. 20 when we post another batch of six plants from our bounty out back.

Here you go:

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NBC Features Tag, Toss & Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games

Thanks to WCSH6 in Portland, Maine, for this rousingly good segment about our book, Tag, Toss Run: The piece was filmed, incidently, in Maine in my mother’s back yard where we moved and have been playing lawn games as a family since 1972 — the year the first video game, Pong, was introduced. As I said in this piece, what has happened physiologically and psychologically to children in that time is not good. But as the piece also demonstrates, the urge and fun of outdoor play is primal in all of us. So get outside and have a blast!

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Tag, Toss & Run Joins LL Bean 100th Birthday Bash

Retail giant LL Bean is throwing itself a 100th birthday bash in Freeport, Maine, this week and our Lawn Games for Life campaign has signed on to join the fun for the day, tomorrow, July 6.

Co-author and SafeLawns founder Paul Tukey will sign copies of the book Tag, Toss Run at the LL Bean flagship store beginning at 10 a.m. and then join Olympic champion Seth Wescott at an outdoor games demonstration for the afternoon.

Here’s the full story:

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Tag, Toss & Run Review: ‘Brilliant’ & ‘Infectious’

Many thanks to Kelly Burke for this stellar review of our latest book:

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Captain Planet Unveils Tag, Toss & Run Book

Hosts Laura Turner Seydel and Rutherford Seydel, right, welcomed Atlanta Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli along with Paul and Victoria.

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Good Day Orlando Features Tag, Toss & Run

Busy SafeLawns founder Paul Tukey stopped by the Orlando, Fla., Fox news affiliate this morning for a fun segment with the station’s on-air team of Amy Kaufeldt and Michelle Burdo to showcase the new book, Tag, Toss Run that he co-authored with actress Victoria Rowell:

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Chicken Talk: Eggs & Chickens Open for Business

Did I tell you I have a new website with blog? Guess what it’s about. Bingo! Eggs  Chickens!

The chickens in hardhats are still working on building stuff, but the blog is up and running. Today we feature another blogger, Lisa S. from Fresh Eggs Daily. Read about our chicken talk here.

Eggs Chickens will be a basic resource for people interested in learning about starting out and raising backyard chickens. And since most people I know who have backyard chickens have eggs coming out of their ears, I’ll be sharing recipes that use up some of those eggs. Sorry, no chicken recipes on this blog.

Come on over for a visit. Welcome Lisa and let me know what you think.

Cluck, cluck.

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Nashville Lawn and Garden Show

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show is coming up soon, here’s the info!

Press Release:

Tennessee’s Largest, Most Popular Gardening Event !
Thursday, March 3 – Sunday, March 6 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds

Live Gardens + Thousands of Blooming Plants + Free Lectures

Floral Design Gallery + 250 Exhibit Booths

Tickets are available now for purchase online at
Enjoy the convenience of online purchase; tickets cost the same online as when purchased at the ticket window.

Adults: $10.00
Seniors (age 65 & up): $9.00
Children (12 & under): $1.00
4-Day Show Pass: $15.00

Want to purchase your tickets at the Show?

Here are some special discount offers:

$2.00 off coupon available at participating Middle TN Regions Bank locations

$1.00 off coupon can be printed from website and redeemed at ticket booth

Coupons are not applicable to internet purchases. Coupon offers cannot be combined.

Coupons cannot be used for children’s tickets. One coupon per person, per day. Remember:  Parking is free at the Fairgrounds!

Produced by the Horticultural Association of Tennessee

For more information call 615-876-7680 or visit

Originally written by Dave @ The Home Garden
Not to be reproduced or re-blogged without permission. No feed scraping is permitted.
All Rights Reserved.

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READER PHOTO! Grasses & a hay bale table

READER PHOTO! Grasses & a hay bale table
Posted by mgervais

One last photo from Philip Leveridge in Austin, Texas. I fell in love with his hay bale garden table. He says, “These grasses lie between a couple of hidden galvanized steel stock tank pools. I…

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Your Wife & Your Lawn

Your Wife & Your Lawn

By Allyn Paul,

wifelawns.jpgDid you know that wives and lawns are one-in-the-same? I do because I’ve got an ex-wife, and ex-lawn; and a wonderful current wife and wonderful current lawn!
Let’s talk about the “ex’s” first

My ex lawn: when I got it, it was in horrible shape. It had never been cared for or fed or watered. It was riddled with weeds and flattened out.
Same with my ex wife! (no more needs to be said LOL)
I worked hard on my ex-lawn. I talked to it, cuddled it, watered it and nourished it until it was plump and prissy and the envy of the neighbors!
Same with my ex wife! (no more needs to be said LOL)
However, there came a time when I began to neglect my ex-lawn and it headed on the down-turn … fast! So I sold my ex-lawn and it has a new owner. My ex-lawn still looks terrible and got what it deserved. It’s old and weathered and in bad shape physically.
Same with my ex-wife … ‘nuff said! (It cost me a lot to get rid of her, lemme tell ya! LOL)

My current lawn: I love it. It is always beautiful and stands at attention when I walk by.
My current wife: I love her. She is always beautiful and gets down on her knees when I am around … she says, “Come out from under that bed and face me like a man you bum!” LOL
She takes no crap from me!

On the serious side, lawns are a lot like wives.
Generally speaking, your lawn will tell you when it needs your attention, but you have to pick up on the signs. If you have not fed and watered it properly, it will crunch and lay flat when you walk on it … it will take on a dull gray color that says, “If you don’t get me what I need quick, I’m gonna go dormant on you.”
Your (my) wife is the same way. She needs love and attention. She needs her feet rubbed at night before bed. She needs to know you care. If you, as the husband, don’t put in the time and effort required to make your marriage work, your wife will clam up and go “dormant” on you. You have to learn to pick up on the subtle hints too.
Just last week, my wife said, “I’m busy working, so the laundry is gonna get done on Tuesday instead of today, ok?”
I missed the sign that day. It was up to me to figure out that I should throw a couple loads in Sunday during the Bears game. I missed the hint and she went “dormant” on me for a couple days. It’s my fault, really…I know better! LOL
I know you’re thinking, “This sounds like some heavy, dripping, drivel, from a bad episode of the Dr. Phil Show,” …but it is true. Just ask a guy who has an ex-wife, ex-lawn and a current wife and current lawn!

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