Spring Brings a Wine-Lover’s Oasis

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NYBG Native Plant GardenOur Spring Festival Series launches a full season of celebrations this weekend! May 3 4 is Wine in the Native Plant Garden, where visitors can enjoy the flora of the Northeast while sipping on wines from New York State and beyond. Explore our extensive list of participating wineries and read on for more information about our festive programs!

Visitors will be greeted by Milton, performing bluegrass and folk tunes near the Reflecting Pool. Across from the entrance to the Native Plant Garden, samples of wine and food will be available to Festival ticket-holders. Roaming tour guides will lead visitors through the most contemporary garden design ever created at The New York Botanical Garden, and a shining example of environmentally-friendly landscape architecture.

Covering 3.5 acres and including Woodland, Wetland, Meadow, and Glade areas, the Native Plant Garden uses locally-sourced and recycled materials. The pool is fed by recycled stormwater captured on site and filtered by aquatic plants. Benches and buildings are constructed of salvaged, recycled, and sustainably harvested materials. Native plants, chosen for their visual impact, sustainability, and adaptability are the defining features of the regional biome. These plants evolved along with the physical conditions and living communities that coexist with them. Offering many environmental benefits, they filter water and air, prevent erosion, and provide shelter for wildlife while also supporting the food web. This weekend visitors will see the beauty of the local environment in a bold and innovative design.

NYBG Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden Education Pavilion will host Winemaking and Wine Pairing Workshops with local experts. Visitors will be able to bring some new expertise to their own dinner tables. Bottles of the featured wines will also be available for purchase at the sample area across from the entrance to the Native Plant Garden. From this location, tours will depart and lead through the nearby Azalea Garden. For those who want to move from the open, sunny Native Plant Garden to a canopy of mature native trees, the Azalea Garden tour is the perfect way to cool off.

The fun continues alongside the live musical entertainment! At the Leon Levy Visitor Center near the live musical entertainment, wine by the glass will be available for purchase along with beer and snacks, provided by Stephen STARR.

Don’t forget, this weekend is just one of an entire series of Spring Festivals, so now is the time to celebrate Spring at the Garden!

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