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“Trees in Utah” by Micha Pawlitzki. Commended 2009.

Our friends at the International Garden Photographer of the Year contest asked us to remind you that there is just one week left for you to enter this prestigious contest, and I thought it was an excellent opportunity to remind you that the Garden is an amazing place to take photographs with which to enter!

I’m sure most people think that spring and summer would be the best times in which to undertake a photographic exploration of our 250 acres, but fall is also an incredibly beautiful time, especially since the reopening of our Native Plant Garden earlier this year. Native plants seem to really shine in fall, they lend so much beautiful texture and color to the landscape. And let’s not forget fall’s amazing light. It lends an incredible luminosity to flowers and leaves, and the long shadows of this season can add incredible drama and contrast to your shots.

“Bound to Prosper” by Diane Varner. Second Place 2008.

NYBG has never had a photograph finish in the money in this worldwide contest, and we would love to see this change! We know that you guys take some incredible photographs here (shoutout to the Flickr Group Pool!), so why not try your hand at winning some of the prize money (over $20,000 in cash and products) this year!

But there’s more to the International Garden Photographer of the Year contest than mere prizes—the judges (all professional photographers themselves) offer critique and advice about your photographs if you want it. Sure, it is sometimes hard to hear critiques of your work, but isn’t that what makes us all better at our chosen art? And in a world of free advice from anyone with two hands to type on the Internet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get advice from people who make their living shooting beautiful flowers, landscapes, and gardens?

So give it a go! This is one contest where the early bird isn’t guaranteed the worm, and your late-breaking entry just might take home the top prize!

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