Little Landscapes: Build-a-Biome in the Adventure Garden

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Little LandscapesWhile our Orchid Show, taking place under the glass of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, is something of a giant floral terrarium in itself, the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden is currently home to a much more bite-sized variety thanks to Little Landscapes. This sibling program to our yearly orchid extravaganza offers your little ones a chance to get out of the March chill, settle into some activities in our Discovery Center, and come away with miniature terrariums of their own to take home and care for.

Anyway, how often do they get to create their own biomes? (And a messy room capable of supporting a thriving fungal diversity doesn’t count.)

After viewing a wide array of scientific and artistic terrariums from years past, kids should have a solid foundation of inspiration to dive into their jars, using rocky, mossy, and floral materials to build a tiny world. The adults in the crowd, undoubtedly jealous that their children get to play around with such neat little projects, are welcome to head over to the Shop in the Garden in the meantime. There our expert staff can help you put together your own terrarium using an elegant selection of plants, containers, and flourishes of all sorts.

Little Landscapes runs through April 21 in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, so make a point of stopping by if you’re here for the Orchid Show. It’s the best kind of souvenir.

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