It’s Time to Climb!

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When it comes to climbing our trees, we have a hard and fast rule: Never … Except occasionally when we say it is okay. And one of those rare occasions is this weekend!

When you enroll in this Saturday’s Recreational Tree Climbing class, you’ll learn to climb the Garden’s stately trees like our arborists do—with ropes and harnesses—and you’ll have the chance to see the Bronx from an angle that is usually reserved for our resident raptors.

It is a once in a lifetime chance for all tree-loving daredevils! The class is taught by the Garden’s professional arborists, who are all graduates of NYBG’s storied arboriculture program.

Tree climbing is a fun new challenge for anyone who loves rock climbing, and is a great way for naturalists, hunters, and sportsmen to expand their hobbies. For a look at what you can expect in this daylong class, check out this video from Travel+Leisure magazine.

What do you need to bring to a tree climbing class? Just lunch and a camera, we’ll provide everything else. Wear comfortable, weatherproof clothes (though the class will be postponed to Sunday in case of rain), and your favorite sneakers or boots. Members receive discounted tuition, so please consider joining us now. And seriously, do not forget your camera!

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