How to Track Fall In the Bronx From Your Couch

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In some parts of New York State, autumn has already come and gone. But here in the Bronx? The best is yet to come! How will you know when it’s time to pay us a visit to see the Garden’s 250-acres dressed up in the prettiest oranges, reds, and yellows of fall? With our new Fall Foliage Tracker of course!

The Garden has a multitude of places for you to enjoy the beauty of fall, but if I had to pick just one place you must visit for fall foliage enjoyment, it would be the Thain Family Forest. This 50-acre old growth forest is the largest remaining tract of the woodlands that once covered all five boroughs of New York City. The Bronx River, New York City’s only freshwater river, cuts through it in a dramatic gorge complete with a waterfall. Stand above the river on the Hester Bridge for one of the Garden’s great fall foliage vistas.

But beautiful fall color isn’t just to be found in the Forest. There are plenty of other gorgeous gardens in which to enjoy this seasonal spectacle. The Azalea Garden, despite its name, is absolutely wonderful in fall because of the diverse plantings and very old trees. The new Native Plant Garden is another hotspot, as is the nearby Rock Garden.

October is brimming with activities and exhibitions, so if you’re craving fall, hop on the train and head north (or south) and visit us for Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden, the Haunted Pumpkin Garden, and of course, fall foliage. Plan your visit now.

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