Historic DC Pesticide Ban Spurs Interest Across US

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Two weeks since SafeLawns announced the historic pesticide protection legislation passed at the Nation’s Capitol, numerous other municipalities have been calling us for information about how it happened. We won’t mention them here; at this point that would only tip the hand of the chemical pesticide lobby groups.

Your every step is important.

First off, here’s the DC bill; the wording is critical:


Each situation brings its own nuances, but here’s link to a post that every municipality should read before it takes on the fight toward a pesticide ban:


The most important first step we would recommend after being involved with dozens of these initiatives? Find your own version of Mary Cheh — an elected official willing to take this on.

Beyond that, give us a call. We’re always willing to help. Feel free to give us a call or send an email to Paul@SafeLawns.org.

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