Greet Spring with the Culinary Kids Food Festival

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Being a “foodie” (I know, that term has run its course with so many of us who love to eat!) is often something left up to adults—people who know how to order off-menu or pick a perfect table wine. And alternatively, someone who’s tried every form of offal under the sun, but let’s tackle one thing at a time. As with so many things, your passions can often find their footing when you’re a kid, meaning taste and good eating habits start early. So to help our young gourmands get off on the right foot, we’re setting aside an entire week dedicated to the celebrated relationships between plants, farms, and every kid’s favorite foods.

And just so you know, the Culinary Kids Food Festival is definitely a hands-on kitchen adventure.

Join us April 14 through 20 for a full week of edible fun in our Conservatory Dining Pavilion, where our staff and a team of experts from Growing Chefs will be on hand offering demonstrations, choice recipes, and hands-on activities backed by plenty of music and food tastings. A variety of activity stations will have your little ones making the rounds from pickles to cheese, tinkering with the kitchen chemistry that brings the staples of your table to life. And a daily cooking demonstration at 1 p.m. supplies kid-friendly recipes and delicious samples with support from local chefs.

If you’re hoping to get more fruits and vegetables into your kids’ regular meal rotation, think about a stop at the NYBG! It’s definitely more of an adventure than unearthing the baby carrots you hid in their bag lunch. And once the snow has thawed and spring is making its grand reappearance, what better place to be than a garden stuffed with fruit and vegetable patches? Entry to the Culinary Kids Food Festival is covered by an All-Garden Pass, so we’ll see you out there!

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