DIY Lawn Striper Kit For Less Then $15

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I wanted a striping kit but it really wasn’t that important to me or my customers. So it wasn’t something I was going to break the bank on and spend the $400 the dealer wanted. I took a look at some of the DIY lawn stripers made online. It seemed easy and it was cheap enough that if it didn’t work out, it was no big deal.

My favorite was one made of boat rollers. This is almost what the commercial model looks like. I happen to not have a old trailer to take the rollers off of. So I went with the PVC pipe. The other real easy way was a heavy rubber mat.

The first step for me was to figure out how to attach the striping kit. I decided to use steel quick links on the back of my  ZTR. Then I would fasten the chains to the links and the other side to a bolt. It doesn’t matter if the pvc pipe rolls or drags. It will work either way but I made mine to roll.

I had the supplies below besides the PVC pipe and chains. I spent $9.05 at Home Depot. If you have to buy everything your looking at about $15. Thats a hell of a deal in my opinion.

A good mower with sharp blades will stripe by itself but with a little help it will stripe that much better. If your looking for the baseball field look on a budget.  Take a look at my $9 Lawn striper with instructions and pictures of results.  Here you go my friends.
DIY Lawn Striping
2 small washers

2 3/4″ washers

2 1 1/4″ bolts

2 3″ PVC end caps

1 3″ PVC pipe ( Length will vary on your mower.)

2 2ft chains





  • 1. Drill a small hole in the center of the end caps.
  • 2. Place the bigger washer first then the chain in the middle and smaller washer on the end.
  • 3.  Screw the bolt in but do not over tighten. You want some play so the chain will spin around the bolt.
  • 4. Glue the inside of the end cap and connect to PVC pipe.
  • 5. Fill the PVC pipe with sand or concrete.
  • 6. Glue the other end cap to the PVC pipe.
  • 7. Attach to your mower with quick links.

DIY Stripe Kit
Use a 3″-4″ PVC pipe. Anything smaller will be to light.
You can make the lawn striper a few inches shorter then your cutting width or as I did the width between rear tires.
Its cheaper to buy a 10 ft section of PVC pipe then more then one 2 ft section.
You can add screws facing outward to make a aerator.

Lawn Stripes Mystic CT

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4 Responses to “DIY Lawn Striper Kit For Less Then $15”

  1. Aaron Says:

    How does this work when you turn around for each row? Do you do Y turns?

  2. admin Says:

    I do a 180. It just follows the mower. It eventually broke when it smacked a curb.

    I woudnt give it much slack. It should just be touching the ground.

  3. Tim Says:

    Does this work in reverse or will the mower simply roll over it?

  4. r Says:

    Cool idea. How much sand does it take to fill it up?

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