Autumn Brings Birds of Prey

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Our Fall Forest Weekends may have passed for another year, but we can still show some appreciation for the Forest denizens that make homes and hunting grounds among our many trees. This past Saturday and Sunday, Visitor Services Attendant Pat Gonzalez was again on hand during our Live Birds of Prey demonstration to soak up some knowledge and snap a few pictures. The results went straight into this slideshow of owls, hawks, falcons, and other raptors found in our neck of the woods.

The birds were brought in for a visit by the Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary Audubon Center, where many of them live as rehabilitated rescues that are no longer capable of surviving in the wild. But that hasn’t cramped their regal style any, as you’ll see below.

Spotting these majestic birds might not be as difficult as you think, assuming you’ve got a sharp eye. Red-tailed Hawks are regulars around the Garden, where they can often be seen perching on rooftops and scoping out their next meal, while Great Horned Owls can also be found, assuming you can see past their woodland camouflage. The best chance to see any of these raptors is certainly with Debbie Becker during her Saturday Bird Walks, of course—whether you’re an amateur birder or dedicated veteran.

Now that the leaves are dropping from the trees, it’ll become much easier to catch a glimpse of these hunters on the wing. So don’t miss out! Join Debbie this weekend at 11 a.m., and bring a pair of binoculars if you can.

All photos and video courtesy of Patricia Gonzalez.

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