South Eastern Connecticut Asphalt Seal Coating
SECT Landscaping provides top quality asphalt seal coating services for business and residential customers in New London County.  SECT Landscaping has  attained a solid name as a corporation that employs top quality skill and outstanding client service. Currently we’d just like the chance to earn your business.

Over time, asphalt surfaces like roadways, driveways and parking heaps begin to deteriorate thanks to weather components like rain, snow and ice, traffic and therefore the traditional wear and tear of everyday use. Asphalt seal coating serves to bind the materials to waterproof the asphalt surface, to protect from deterioration. If properly applied, seal coating will extend the lifetime of your asphalt surface and prevent time and money on repairs and maintenance.
SECT Landscaping employs a team of experienced asphalt seal coating specialists and that use solely the very best quality materials. Our company is licensed,  insured, and we guarantee our work.


We hand apply with brushes and squeegees. All residential seal coatings will have a two year warranty.


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